I’m actually a ghost 👻
Anonymous asked: "Your santa photo is too rad"

I barely remember photo tbh I was quite drunk and I look about 14

I can’t wait for Christmas just so I can get more cool photos again 🎅🎄

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The Ghost Insides new album holy fuck yes


*skypes u but doesn’t talk bc i dont want my family hearing*

(via xydg)


I’m cute sometimes, why am I single?

Update: I’m now dating the girl I said this too

I’m Nicole and I have a selfie addiction

You’re perfect
drumsnpoppunk asked: "Go jump off a bridge"

Hey mate yeah I’m good what about you?

(God I love my anon tracker)

Anonymous asked: "marry me"

My girlfriend wouldn’t be happy with that soz

Anonymous asked: "You're a faggot"

Go play in traffic

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